Quality Initiative

Overview of our proposed Quality Initiative project (2024-26)

Data Informed DEI: Improving Data Literacy to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

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Wayne State University, Michigan's most diverse public university, has set an ambitious goal to become the leading research university for social mobility in the United States. The Data Informed DEI Quality Initiative project will advance our progress toward this goal by helping us identify and address barriers to educational equity. By promoting data literacy throughout the campus, we aim to equip our faculty, staff, and administrators with the tools to design data-informed strategies aimed at closing the gap in educational outcomes among students and enhancing academic achievement for all.

Project Components:

  1. Data Mapping & Needs Analysis: A foundational audit will be conducted to assess current data collection and utilization practices across the campus. This step will unveil available data resources, highlight gaps, and pinpoint the additional data required for informed decision-making.
  2. Building Data Literacy Across Campus: A select group of thirty campus-wide individuals will attend the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Data Literacy Institute (DLI) to deepen institutional connections and enhance data literacy. Post-institute, these DLI teams will spearhead the development of workshops and resources to elevate data literacy for the entire campus community.
  3. Designing Data-Informed Interventions: The insights gained from DLI will empower us to deploy data strategically to illuminate student success and equity gaps. Armed with this knowledge, we will refine our processes, craft targeted improvement initiatives, and accurately measure their impact.

Nominations are currently open for the QI Advisory Committee

The nomination form can be found here: Quality Initiative Advisory Committee Nomination Form, with nominations due by Friday, April 12, 2024. Our goal is to finalize selections by the end of April and convene the first committee meeting in early May. We invite members of our campus community to nominate yourself or colleagues who meet the criteria and are committed to advancing our university's mission. The student representative(s) will be appointed by the WSU Student Senate. Additonal information on the Advisory Committee's can be found below. 

Quality Initiative Advisory Committee Charge

The Committee's role is to offer expert advice and guidance on the strategic direction and implementation of the Quality Initiative project. This includes defining the project scope, engaging stakeholders, maximizing impact, and advocating throughout the project's duration.

QI Advisory Committee Composition

  • Approximately 5-7 individuals, consisting of full-time faculty, staff, administrators, and students
  • Knowledgeable in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, educational equity, student success, data-informed decision-making, and/or data generation, collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Experienced in hands-on implementation of new initiatives and projects within the campus community.
  • Capable of expressing and advocating for the interests of various stakeholders.

QI Advisory Committee Time Commitment

  • The QI Advisory Committee will require a monthly commitment of 2-3 hours from 2024 to 2026. Responsibilities include:
  • Participating in regular meetings, starting monthly and then shifting to bi-monthly or quarterly as the project progresses.
  • Offering feedback and advice via email and Microsoft Teams between meetings, as required.
  • Extending additional support during the 12-week Data Literacy Institute (DLI) to the cross-disciplinary data teams

QI Advisory Committee Selection Process

Initially, the HLC QI Core Team will consult with Senior Staff, Council of Deans, and Academic Senate to determine the committee's ideal composition, focusing on the expertise and representation needed. Following this, a nomination form will be available for individuals to nominate themselves or others. The Provost will make the final decision on the appointments.

Overview of the 2016 HLC Quality Initiative

Click here to download a copy of the full 2016 Quality Initiative Report

In its 2016 HLC Quality Initiative (QI), Wayne State University implemented three key components of the Undergraduate Academic Advising Initiative:

  1. Completion of Academic Advisor Hiring, in which WSU hired more than 45 academic advisors and other academic support personnel, dramatically improving the student-advisor ratio.
  2. Implementation of an Academic Advising Training Academy (ATA), which supports academic advisor training for content, skills, and dispositional outcomes, and continuing professional development. The ATA is comprised of a core curriculum and a certificate program built on advisor and student learning outcomes, other professional development activities, and support for the Academic Advising Council.
  3. Development and deployment of online tools to support academic advising, including an advisor scheduling system, online declaration of major/program, and an improved degree audit system. We also piloted an advisor alert system: the Early Warning System.