How you can help

"What the students buy, with money, time, and effort, is not merely a good, like a credential, but experiences that have the potential to transform lives, or to harm them. What institutions do constitutes a solemn responsibility for which they should hold themselves accountable."

(Extracted from Guiding Values of The Higher Learning Commission)

Stay tuned...

Wayne State University values the feedback and input of all members of our community. As the process to reaffirm HLC accreditation moves forward, the WSU HLC'17 Team will work with campus, student, and community leaders to develop a comprehensive outreach and engagement plan. The plan will offer our internal and external constituencies a series of opportunities to ask questions, and to provide feedback and input on documents and supporting evidence that Wayne will submit to the Higher Learning Commission.

  • Join an engagement forum...

    This fall and winter, The WSU HLC'17 Team hosted a series of engagement forums to discuss all facets of the HLC process and seek feedback and input from the perspectives of our many internal and external constituencies.

  • Join us online...

    Parallel to engagement forums, the WSU HLC Team will enable online commenting.

    After all feedback and input is gathered and abstracted, final versions of the Assurance Argument and Federal Compliance Filing will be posted online and available to the public.

  • Participate in the HLC Student Survey...

    The HLC Student Survey opened on January 18, 2017 and closed on January 26.

  • Provide direct feedback and input to the HLC...
    • In December 2016, Wayne published online and in local print publications a public notice of the March 2017 comprehensive evaluation.
    • The public was invited to submit feedback and input regarding Wayne State University directly to the HLC.
    • The opportunity to comment closed on February 6, 2017.
    • A summary of Wayne State's outreach plan was submitted to the HLC on February 6.

    Note that the HLC does not settle disputes between institutions and individuals, whether submitted by faculty, students, or others, and complaints submitted as comments are not considered by the HLC.