WSU Mission and Strategic Plan

Our Mission Statement

Wayne State's mission is to create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.

Distinctively Wayne State University: Strategic Plan for 2016-2021

The Strategic Plan codifies Wayne's vision, mission, and values. The plan's seven strategic themes and objectives drive institutional operations and resource allocation. Through the Office of the Provost, strategic themes and objectives cascade down to the level of schools and colleges and drive academic programs and Tactical Action Plans.

To learn more about Wayne's strategic themes, goals, and objectives, view the detailed for The Wayne State University Strategic Plan.

HLC accreditation and the strategic plan

Current HLC policy requires that an institution's submission documents be supported by evidence, rather than the narrative format of 2007. Evidence is abstracted from many sources, including but not limited to Board of Governors documents; audited financial statements; institutional planning, policy, and financial documents; assessment data on learning outcomes, retention, and graduation; and other internal and public documents.

The HLC [Criterion One] requires that Wayne State University prove:

  • Our mission is broadly understood within the institution and guides our operations
  • We publicly and transparently convey our mission and strategic priorities to internal and external constituencies
  • We understand the relationship between the Wayne State University mission and the diversity of society.

Drilling down on these broad statements, Wayne will be required to provide evidence validating the following:

  • We have identified Wayne's internal and external constituencies and understand their individual and common needs.
  • Wayne developed its mission and strategic plan through an inclusive process that engaged all internal and external stakeholder groups.
  • Our mission and strategic plan are comprehensive and current and are communicated clearly and transparently, as evidenced by broad internal and external awareness and understanding of Wayne's mission.
  • Wayne's academic programs, student support services, and enrollment profile are aligned with our mission and strategic plan.
  • Strategic priorities drive allocation of our resources.
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident by integration of multicultural society perspectives with the Distinctively Wayne State University educational experience and institutional activities.
  • Wayne's decisions and actions are responsive to our unique community demographics and challenges and demonstrate our understanding of Wayne's obligation beyond the institution. We engage externally and respond to public needs as our capacity allows.

Clearly, the Wayne State University Strategic Plan provides the foundation for validation these statements.